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Cats Prefer CLOE

guaranteeDetailsThe culmination of more than 50 years of research and development by one of the world's leading scientists has resulted in perhaps the most technologically advanced Cat Litter treatment ever developed.

CLOE™ Cat Litter Odor Eliminator is all natural. It contains a patent pending formula that prevents ammonia odors. It does not attempt to cover odors with perfumes. The formula targets the odors at their source and prevents them.

Unlike the other litter deodorizer products available today, there are no false claims with CLOE. This product actually works! Whenever you enter your home you will know this product prevents the formation of ammonia odors, guaranteed! This product completely eliminates odors, not just cover them up.

The product is effective for up to one week in an average litter box for one cat. Just one treatment of 4-5 ounces will keep the litter box odor free. CLOE Cat Litter Odor Eliminator treatment goes a very long way. It lasts up to a full week. You'll see.


What people said about CLOE

I really love this product! It honestly works and eliminates the odor that, unfortunately, goes hand in hand with a litter box. With 4 cats in our house, I would'nt have believed it, if I had'nt tried it and saw the results for myself. There is no litter box smell in this house when I use the CLOE.


I am happy to recommend the use of CLOE Cat Litter Odor Eliminator, by EcoPlanet Environmental, in Petsmart Charities adoption centers. Odor control is always a concern in confined spaces and the use of CLOE dramatically improves the smell in the adoption rooms. We are also excited that this product will treat the litter and help keep our cats and kittens healthy!

Connie Gabelein, Purrfect Pals

I personally started using your product at home for my cat, Issabella and have been very satisfied. It is simply amazing with the lavender scent. I love the peace of mind I have using this in her litter box.  The natural products are something I keep in mind when buying pet products.  The control of spreading diseases among multi-cat households and shelters is very exciting and a much needed product it our industry.

Janice Smith, Janice Smith

MT. CLOE is by far the best product we have ever used for limiting the amount of litterbox odor in our cat rooms!  We have been using it and within only a day people have mentioned the noticeable difference!  There is little to no stench in the rooms it is being used in.  Personally, I wouldn’t go with any other product!

Bekah Donoghue, Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter

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