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Barnyard Odor Eliminator HUGE hit at 2014 College National Finals Rodeo!

2014 CNFR

Roger Walters (Left) commissioner of the NIRA, National Inter-Collegiate Rodeo Association and Bryan Blatt (Right) CEO of EcoPlanet Environmental, makers of Barnyard Odor Eliminator pictured below at the 2014 College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, WY. Barnyard Odor Eliminator sponsored the event and provided product to the CNFR, treating the arena to prevent the smell of ammonia and was a huge success as Roger Walters stated, "Bryan, this stuff really works!". The pungent smell of ammonia at such events was eliminated by the Barnyard Odor treatment, which is manufactured and distributed by EcoPlanet Environmental, LLC. (Photo credit Dan Hubbell copyright 2014)






Technology Overview 

EcoPlanet Environmental LLC has developed an organic means of human and animal waste remediation. This novel process uses proprietary ingredients that target and treat human and animal waste, thereby reducing volume and odor. This technology is now in use in many human and animal waste remediation applications. The formula has now been formulated for use in treating animal bedding and waste collection areas. Extensive research shows substantial odor reduction.


As human populations and lifestyles continue encroaching on agricultural land, the issue of how to satisfactorily dispose of human and other animal waste is taking on increased importance. As an example, the ~58 million hogs produced in the U.S. each year generate an estimated 110 million tons of waste. Even more impact may come from the over 9 billion chickens in broiler houses in the U.S. This waste can be handled as a solid, semi-solid, slurry, or a liquid and is typically treated in nearby lagoons or stored or transported for later applications such as fertilizer. These treatments dispose of the waste material, but often not before odor and sometimes substantial health problems are encountered.

Innovative New Approach

Building on its highly popular CLOE Cat Litter Odor Eliminator® -a cat-waste disposal treatment now used in animal shelters, veterinarian hospitals and cat litter boxes nationwide- EcoPlanet Environmental has developed a similar waste-treatment product applicable to different animal species, including: horse, dairy cow, hog/swine and poultry waste. This animal-waste treatment product is a patent pending formula that effectively treats waste using a mixture of naturally occurring products which prevent the formation of harmful ammonia odors. Like CLOE, BARNYARD BEDDING TREATMENT, the new animal-waste treatment product will have unique properties capable of substantially reducing the problems typically associated with animal waste treatment. Specifically, when applied to combined solid/liquid waste, the new treatment will significantly reduce ammonia odors normally generated by the wastes.

An Equine Testimonial:

We have tried many products that claim to reduce or prevent ammonia odors. I am delighted with the results of using your product. I began using the product on May 21st. After the first day we noticed a huge difference in the odor. I would not have believed it if I did not use it. The odor is gone. Your product does indeed prevent the production of ammonia. The health and well being of the horses we care for is our primary concern. It is a comfort to know that we have a new natural way to keep our horses healthy. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who keeps animals.

Cameron Meissner, Gallatin River Ranch

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